Welcome to Aalborg Dinosaurs!

Aalborg Dinosaurs is an Ultimate frisbee club residing in the northern part of Denmark.

Ultimate frisbee is for anyone who likes a challenge. It’s a highly competitive and intense sport with focus on fair play. You will find that Ultimate players are a highly social breed who share a love for the game.

We’ve got players of all skill levels, from the rookies to the experienced veterans of 10+ years, so everyone is welcome. Also, everybody speaks English and we are more than happy having foreign players joining us.

In the summer Aalborg Dinosaurs practice twice a week on the field at Nørresundby Gymnasium. In the winter we play at Nørresundby Gymnasium. If you want to join our practice or have questions, then just send us an email or join our facebook page.

Email: ultimate@dinosaurs.dk

Facebook-page: https://www.facebook.com/AalborgDinosaurs